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Ancillary accessories for all of your construction needs

With every cut and bent bar or fabric reinforcement delivery, you should take care to order the correct ancillary products.

That's why, at KB Reinforcements, we carry a comprehensive range of products that are available for immediate dispatch to your sites. Be it with a rebar delivery or as an afterthought.

The accessories we sell in conjunction with construction products include:

  • Tying wire, tying loops, tying tools & Nipex nips
  • Hy-rib galvanized shuttering
  • Screed rails - concrete, metal top and Permasteel
  • Waxed conical bolt boxes including holding down bolts
  • Dowel Bar Cages - expansion / construction
  • Safety bar end caps
  • Formwork accessories including Tie Bar System
  • Structural waterproofing
  • Precast accessories including fixing and lifting sockets
  • Helifix Crack stitching: Helibar 6mm & 8mm, Helibond, Crackbond, etc.
  • Brick ties and anchor slots
  • Circular column forms
  • DPM
  • Lantern spacers

To find out more about the general accessories we sell, please see our catalogue

If you would like further information on the ancillary products we sell for all your construction needs, call us on 01626 240 644 .

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