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Fabric Mesh - Winchester, Hampshire - KB Reinforcements Ltd -  Fabric Mesh

Fabric mesh for steel reinforcement from KB Reinforcement

Looking for a reliable supplier of mesh reinforcement in the South and West Country? We stock and supply a large range of fabric mesh for your construction and reinforcement needs.

Made to British Standard BS: 4483 and to full and certified UK CARES standards , our reinforcement fabrics are versatile and easy to install. Whether required in standard size or made-to-measure, our team can offer you the stell reinforcement fabric you require.

We stock a full range of ‘A’ and ‘B’ type mesh in the standard 4.8m x 2.4m (11.52m2) sheets, with the addition of the following available in the merchant size: 3.6m x 2.0m (7.2m2).


See the fabric mesh measurements table to find the mesh in the size and quantity you need.

We stock a variety of fabric mesh, including:

  • Square mesh
  • Structural mesh
  • Long mesh
  • Wrapping mesh

Download our catalogue for more information on our fabric mesh and other steel reinforcement products.

Our fabric mesh is ready for you to collect - find out more and call 01626 240 644 .

Mesh Reinforcement - Winchester, Hampshire - KB Reinforcements Ltd -  Mesh Reinforcement
Lattice Structure - Winchester, Hampshire - KB Reinforcements Ltd -  Lattice Structure
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