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Improve health and safety by using Reelfix

The multi award winning Reelfix Rapid System has been developed as a simple, low cost solution to the many health and safety issues associated with the use of loose coiled wire.

Waste using loose coils of tying wire can be as much as 70%, and wire left out overnight can become rusty and unusable. Reelfix solves this issue by dispensing the wire as required.

Reelfix give the user a constant supply of tying wire at their fingertips. Having the wire in the reel gives the user two hands free to handle and place rebar along with unprecedented freedom of movement.

The benefits of Reelfix include:

  • Eliminates trip hazards & eye injuries
  • Up to70% more economical than standard coils 
  • Reduced risk of lower back problems
  • Increased production; no wasted time looking for wire
  • Available in either Black Annealed or Stainless Steel

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