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SteelPac software program gives KB Reinforcements the competitive edge

KB Reinforcements has stayed abreast by investing in the SteelPac software program. This gives engineers and contractors a more efficient way of forwarding schedules for cutting and bending .

For you, it means faster turnaround times, more detailed and informative quotations and more effective installation of any purchased steel products due to enhanced instructional guides.

SteelPac is the first reinforcement program with the capability to electronically receive reinforcement bar schedules created by any of the various design software packages currently being used by consulting engineers and design consultants. Bar schedules can also be keyed and managed with extreme proficiency.

SteelPac also has comprehensive pricing and contract management capabilities, offering the ability to ascertain in seconds, the exact stage of a total contract ranging from tendered through works orders to invoicing.

Written using 'state of the art' technologies, SteelPac has the ability to produce a graphical shape analysis for new contracts, helping immensely in obtaining an instant overview of the complexity of the contract.

Quotations can also be turned around electronically in seconds, with the knowledge that the contract breakdown and pricing functionality has given the user sufficient information to price the job effectively. SteelPac can export contracts, or parts of contracts, in seconds. Labels will have more information printed on them enabling steel fixers to tie steel more efficiently.

For more information, visit SteelPac's website .

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