UK CARES Certification

UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels
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KB Reinforcements is proud to be certified by CARES

At KB Reinforcements, we pride ourselves on offering a high quality service, second to none.

This is why we are honoured to be recognised by the industry's independent certification body, UK CARES.

KB Reinforcements became CARES (UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steel) approved in February 1985. With twice yearly assessments carried out by CARES, KB continues to maintain and improve its quality systems and to hold the CARES accreditation certificate.

The acknowledgement we have received from CARES gives you complete peace of mind as our customer. You can come to us with complete confidence that our cut & bent steel reinforcement is produced to a quality that others struggle to meet.

More information can be obtained from the UK CARES website

UK CARES is controlled by members of the Authority's Board of Management :

  • Association of Consulting Engineers
  • Institution of Structural Engineers
  • British Airports Authority
  • The Highways Agency
  • UK Steel Association (Long Products Group)
  • British Association for Reinforcement (BAR)
  • Post Tensioning Association (PTA)
  • Construction Confederation
  • Engineering Contractors Association (CECA)

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